We are interested to work on a wide range of economic consultancy activities, including but not limited the ones listed below. Please feel free to contact us at any time for a consultation.

  • Country risk analysis: macroeconomic analysis that targets on how to strengthen an economy, especially in enriching its overall production capability, infrastructure capacity, and “supply-side” economic strategies.
  • Policy analysis: analysis on the political economy of government policy decisions, the pros and cons, or cost and benefit in executing certain economic policies, especially in maintaining overall economic competitiveness and survival.
  • Socio-economic analysis: achieving economic balances has become a skill in ensuring the satisfaction of different interest groups competing for scarce resources.
  • Strategic analysis: drafting an economic manifesto for political elections, incorporating a strategy that prioritizes all societal demands.
  • Sectoral and business analysis: development on economic sectors, and/or businesses that plan to expand and invest in overseas countries and markets.
  • Market, product and consumption analyses: analysis on product life-cycle, market-shares and volatilities form important components in contemporary business, especially in the dynamics of the “product-market-consumption” chain of relationship.
  • Employment, labor market and human capital analyses: the production side of the business equation is crucial in ensuring cost competitiveness and market viability. These analyses extend both the aspects of education and human capital development and the “employer-employee” relationship.