Trained as a macroeconomist in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and the United States of America, Dr. Kui-Wai Li enjoyed an illustrious career as a university professor in Hong Kong, where he was the Director of the APEC Study Center from 1990-2010. He also taught in universities in Nigeria, Switzerland and Lithuania, and held various visiting positions at Yale University, University of Tokyo, University of Geneva, George Mason University, Hosei University, Vilnius University, University of Toronto, and Nottingham University.

Dr. Li is a veteran consultant to governments, think tanks, international institutions and corporations, including the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the OECD Experts’ Meeting, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), International Labor Office, Cathay Pacific Airways, and various foreign consulates in Hong Kong. He advised on key economic issues such as the Hong Kong Government’s Annual Budget, the 1998 Asia financial crisis, economic development in the Pearl River Delta region, and numerous other specific issues.

Dr. Li has been interviewed frequently by the media, including Bloomberg, CNN, Reuters, and MediaCorp TV. He contributes regularly to newspapers and online journals published in Hong Kong and other countries. He has written many books, journal articles, and reports on subjects of his expertise.

Dr. Li is married and has two grown up children. Since January 2017, Dr. Li resides in Toronto, Canada.