Conceptual Economics: The Liaising Role in Politics and Social Sciences

Book published in January 2021 by World Scientific Publishers.

Summary: Given that there is no shortage of economic theories while economic problems are growing periodically, Conceptual Economics boldly attempts to initiate a new approach by employing conceptual and intuitive tools to examine the intra-relationship between microeconomics and macroeconomics as well as the inter-relationship between economic analysis and other social science studies, especially the relationship with political science. The few intuitive ideas include the separation between ex-ante situations and ex-post outcomes, the difference between endowment differences and unequal outcomes, and the role of economics as a vehicle in the delivery of numerous social and political activities. The discussion extends to cover an analysis on human values and concludes with a recommendation on the functionality of civic capitalism. With intuition and analytical reasoning within economics and with other social sciences, Conceptual Economics can become a new branch in economic study where scholars, analysts and intellectuals could “think outside the box” by liaising a wider economic perspective and/or amalgamating non-economic aspects into their analysis. This shall provide a new dimension to solving human economic problems and possibly area of intellectuality.


  • The Making of Conceptual Economics:
    • The Ingredients in Economics
    • The Liaison Role of Economics
  • The Extensity Dimension:
    • Intra-Connectedness among Economic Theories
    • Economics Science versus Political Science
    • Economic Considerations in Government Policies
    • The Inter-Disciplinary Relationship
  • The Intensity Dimension:
    • Measurement of Values in Humanity Sciences
    • Endowment and Opportunity: The Origin of Economic Differences
    • Crash of Ideologies: Give Economic Performance a Chance

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